Dr. Pillai's FREE LIVE Talk Show "Millionaire Yoga" Begins In:

In this Free Live Event Introductory Master Class You Will Learn About:


1. Resetting Your Money Frequency

2. The Power of Goal Setting and Become a Self-Motivator

3. Finding Your Passion to Win

4. Being Exceptional - Eliminate Mediocrity from Your Life

5. Cleansing the Negative Cortex

6. Activating Your Money Manifestations Through Linking the Subconscious to the Conscious.


Dr.Pillai Will Reveal Ancient Secrets blended with Modern Science... Transformational Steps that He has never before taught.


Dr.Pillai Will Empower You to Take Control...

Don't wait for permission from someone else to be extraordinary. He Will Unleash Your Power NOW!


Dr. Pillai Will Guide You in Simple Ways to Activate the Power Within You... Change your money situation forever just as He has for thousands around the world.


Hear their Success Stories; a Struggling Actress who is now living her dream in Bollywood, a Single Mom from the Slums who is now a Successful Serial Entrepreneur, a struggling Artist who is now Jet Setting to wherever she chooses, whenever she chooses.


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Dr. Pillai is the most progressive and innovative source of self- advancement knowledge, tools and practices living on our planet today. He has been featured in Time Magazine for having millions of views of his free teaching videos on Youtube. People experience massive shifts in their lives as a result of practicing his techniques. Dr. Pillai is an International Speaker and World Thought Leader who is deeply committed to helping people across the globe make the shift in consciousness to eradicate their money struggles.




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