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There is nothing quite as wonderful as watching a puppy play. Running, jumping, spinning, rolling and whatever else our dogs do to signify their youthful energy is quite amazing to watch. When we love something as much as we love our dogs, it is heartbreaking to watch their once vibrant health spiral downwards.


Whether it is through aches and pains, lost mobility, lack of energy or illness, the last thing we want is to sit by and do nothing – especially when there is a product that has been proven to help!
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Easily Relieve Your Dog’s Arthritis & Joint Pain


Arthritis and joint pain are extremely common diseases found in senior pets that can affect their quality of life and can often lead to euthanasia in order to relieve them of their suffering. Following are common symptoms of the negative effects of an aging dog:

Favoring a Limb

Difficulty sitting or standing

Sleeping more

Seeming to have stiff or sore joints

Hesitancy to jump, run, or climb stairs

Weight gain

Decreased activity or less interest in play

Attitude or behavior changes (grumpier)


Some Treatment Options

Following is a breakdown of different treatment options for an aging pet, including some home remedies,
veterinarian treatments and alternative options.




Laser Therapy










Veterinarian Exam


Physical Therapy

Pet Massages


Or.. You Can Try Rejeneril®

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Rejeneril® is designed to be added directly to your dog’s food and it is completely based on the dogs size and weight. One bottle can last a small dog up to 4 months and a very large dog less than a month.

The recommended Drops Per Pound:

Rejeneril® is a patented, veterinarian recommended, scientifically-validated dog supplement, which brings a multitude of benefits to your dog’s health, including:

Improving health and longevity

Helping build a strong immune system

Setting the foundation for a disease-free life

Preventing and clearing skin problems

Treating dry, itchy skin

Reducing arthritis and joint pain

And many more!


Studies and clinical use have proven that Rejeneril® is highly effective, fast-acting, completely safe, and non-toxic.

Let’s Face It... matter how long our fur-kids live, it’s never quite long enough is it!?

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