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Underground Online Wealth Building Secrets –
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“My Business Now Turns Over 100K A Month, I Own An Aeroplane I Paid Cash For!”


“I needed help with finances and couldn't seem to get it together with money. If you took all my cash assets and business liabilities, there was a major shortfall. I was surviving very basically on business turnover. David and I did some reversals and trance work.


Six months later, I have reduced that shortfall by 75%, my business now turns over 100K a month, I own an aeroplane I paid cash for, I have had two great holidays and am off to America in November. I now buy good clothes, food and goods and live really well. It is impossible to reverse time and try all this without David's help.


However, if I could I am sure things would not be quite as abundant! Sometime soon, I would like to consider some more reversals.”



“In Four Months Time I Completely Transformed A Situation I Had Been Working On For 20 Years!”


I had a very bizarre pattern in my life that continually sabotaged my efforts to improve. Whenever I told anyone about it, they thought I was making it up.
With Reverse Speech I was able to see exactly what was going on and why it was going on. In four months time I completely transformed a situation I had been working on for 20 years.











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“I Firmly Believe That Anyone Who Doesn't Use This Tool Will Be At A Great Disadvantage In The Twenty-First Century”


Wow! What a discovery! Reverse Speech will completely change life... make that reverse life...as we know it. It allows no skirting of issues, no denial, no escape from reality. Reversals go straight to the core.


It exposes our hidden unconscious programs, personality quirks and behaviour patterns. It snaps us out of oblivion, finally giving us a choice of action again. In my opinion, there is no tool in existence that comes close to the perceptiveness or efficacy of Reverse Speech. David John Oates is a genius of our time. He has revealed the essence of individual and collective human nature.


Anyone who chooses to use this tool when deciding on a business partner, employee or a course of action will have the winning edge. It is the ultimate Truth Detector. And if the world is ready for it, Reverse Speech will be used by the leaders and innovators in every field from psychology to medicine, business to law enforcement, athletics to the stage within the next few years. I firmly believe that anyone who doesn't use this tool will be at a great disadvantage in the twenty-first century.