Who We Are

Amrtha Health is a product line of Vopec Pharmaceuticals which has its roots in Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. Amrtha Health was launched to cater to the international market by offering scientifically proven herbal products that are subject to rigorous testing to ensure safety, efficacy and that they are free of metal and microbial contaminants.


To offer highly advanced botanical products for restoring health and improving lives by:

Providing herbal solutions for lasting results that address the root causes of health issues and not just the symptoms.
Researching and developing leading edge herbal products, for even the most challenging health concerns.


Our products are:
•   100% Natural
•   Free of microbes and metals
•   Scientifically validated
•   Made with care



The parent company Vopec was founded by Indian Chemist Mr. Kannan. Vopec offered a line of 280 licensed herbal products out of which 30 were registered successfully. The company then continued to evolve into a leading herbal medicine manufacturer delivering innovative natural pharmaceutical products.

ISO & GMP Certifications

Achieved ISO 9001 and Good Manufacturing Facility (GMP) certifications.

Entering the International Market

Vopec started exporting its products overseas and entered the international market for the first time.

Branching into Nutritional Supplements

Vopec set up its nutraceuticals division and started manufacturing and marketing natural supplements.

A New Vision

Vopec was acquired by Dr Pillai and within a year of its acquisition, Dr Pillai, instituted clinical research in collaboration with a number of highly respected medical institutions in India, in addition to the ongoing R&D efforts at Vopec.

Vopec undertook comparative studies with allopathic equivalents and also tested a number of Vopec products for efficacy, safety and toxicity. One of the products that have been subject to extensiv testing is Nisore Oil.

To accommodate the new vision for Vopec the company moved to a larger manufacturing facility.

Established compliance with World Health Organisation (WHO) quality control standards including compliance standards for testing for microbial and metal contamination.

Entered into contract with MIT to carry out further R&D for stability studies and product development.

Launch of Amrtha Health

Amrtha Health was launched for a wider global reach, with the aim of offering highly advanced and scientifically proven line of botanical products.

People today live longer, healthier lives, but along with a longer life expectancy comes a higher prevalence of chronic disease. Through our medicine we are able to treat autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, infertility, liver toxicity and many more. Our medicines are also preventative and help people to overcome conditions that affect their every day quality of life.