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How do I know if I need a new roof?

If your shingles appear to be cracking, curling, or missing, then this is a good indicator of shingle problems. Water marks on your ceiling is always a great indicator of problems also. Generally, if the shingles are under twelve years old a repair would be possible. ABCO will not try to sell you a new roof if a repair would give you years of additional years of roof life.

Is it necessary to remove the roof down to the wood decking?

Yes, in order to see the condition of the wood deck for potential problems. In rare cases a re-roof or nail-over maybe OK, only if the existing shingles are laying down well and there is no currently visible signs of water intrusion.

What are the benefits of installing a 25, 30, or lifetime shingle?

The upgraded shingle not only give you the peace of mind of a longer warranty, but also provide you with excellent curb appeal.

What if I have hail damage?

Call your insurance company and ABCO. Your insurance company will request you to get a qualified roofer to give you a proposal. If hail damage has occurred, then the insurance company and your roofer will settle on the proper amount to replace your roof.

Is ABCO experienced in working with insurance claims?

Yes, we work with the insurance adjustor to determine if there is hail damage and negotiate a proper settlement. E-mail ABCO with your estimate request form on this website or simply call our office for a prompt estimate

How long will it take to install a new roof?

ABCO maintains a very large crew (10-16 men), on the job everyday, which ensures a very speedy completion. Most jobs are done in one to two days .

How much roof ventilation do I need?

Ventilation lets your home breathe. Normal household activities can wreak havoc on an attic and ultimately, a roof. Showers, laundry, dishwashing and cooking all generate moisture that can damage insulation, rafters, wood deck, underlayment and shingles during the winter. Summer heat build-up in the attic promotes premature aging and cracking of wood and roofing materials, all of which shorten shingle life.

ABCO can advise you of all the attic vents available to you. Click here for more information on attic ventilation.

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