How To Choose Keywords

Choose 5 relevant terms that you would like us to work on. For the best possible results, we recommend that you choose what are called 'long tail' keywords. These are phrases of 3-5 words which usually include a specific town or area.

For example, if you were a florist in Guildford, we would recommend that you target the following terms:

  • Florists Guildford
  • Wedding Florists Guildford
  • Florists in Guildford
  • Flowers for sale in Guildford
  • Florist shops in Guildford

These terms are highly targeted as the searcher has identified a product and a location, which means that they are ready to buy.

More competitive terms, such as 'florists' would be very difficult to rank for and would drive traffic that would be unlikely to lead to a conversion.

Please ensure that the terms you select are relevant to one specific product or service. Please also bear in mind that the more competitive these terms are, the longer it will take to see results.