What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

In its simplest form SEO or Search Engine Optimisation as it is more commonly known, is the process where using key techniques and strategies you are able to improve your website's ranking or placement within the search engines natural unpaid listings for specific keywords and phrases by making your site relevant to and an authority for those keywords and phrases. There are many factors that influence how well your website will rank or place for your targeted keywords on any given search engine. The majority of people make SEO more complicated than it needs to be. Using our core product makes the SEO process easy to understand and has been proven to get good results.

The Search Engines all have their own ranking algorithms, which are sets of rules that determine how to rank websites for search queries. We don't know what these algorithms exactly are as they are not released publicly, but we have a good idea of what they generally are through testing and analysis. The aim of a search engine is to provide the searcher with the most relevant website for their query.

Sometimes a user will search for a brand term like "Tesco" and you would expect the supermarket's website www.tesco.com to appear top of the listings (it does).

But what happens when someone types in "supermarket", Google or the search engine has to determine which supermarket website it thinks is most relevant. Now you maybe mistaken for thinking Google will return Tesco, Sainsbury's or Asda for the search query "supermarket" when in fact it is www.moneysupermarket.com who ranks number one for that phrase. This is due to the fact that the search engines maybe very intelligent, but they still rely on fairly simple things to determine what a website is about. Without going into great detail, Money Supermarket probably mention the word supermarket and have links pointing to them with that word than any of the actual supermarkets.

One of the SEO aims for this website is to rank for the keyword phrase "SEO for business" and ultimately "SEO for beginners". This will mean that when someone types one of these phrases into a search engine, my website will hopefully be shown in the top 10 and they will decide to visit this site and use our SEO services to help their company websites improve their rankings and traffic to their site.

Why Use SEO?

So why should website owners perform basic SEO techniques on their website? The aim of any websites owner is to have visitors come and view their website and either read the information on that website and or to buy a product or service from the website to generate revenue which in turn is the ultimate goal of any website.

So how do these visitors get to the website? Well they may type the website address directly into their browser, taking them straight to the website. They may have followed a link from another website or they may have discovered the website through a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo and the like.

When we use search engines, we type in keywords or phrases that describe the website or information we are looking for. So using SEO techniques will help your website get found for the correct keywords. This will then lead to people who have never heard of your website before, to finding it and fulfilling whatever purpose your website has been created for.

The foundation of any website marketing strategy

SEO is a fundamental and most importantly an ongoing part of any websites marketing strategy. We at Doubleclick-seo.com are so convinced about this that we don't and won't offer any of our additional services until you sign up to our core SEO product. We believe SEO is the springboard on which any long term successful internet business can work and our additional services and products are designed to simply complement our core SEO product.

We offer transparency with a full white hat guarantee allowing you full control.