A Staggering 40% of the United States of America's Wealth is Controlled by Just
1% of Its Population...



A Statistic Mirrored Almost To The Penny
in the United Kingdom.


It’s almost unbelievable that there could be such an imbalance in what most people would consider “first world” countries.


Yet these statistics are repeated in virtually every country around the globe!


How is it that just 1% of the world’s population is able to earn over 380 times more than the average adult employee, and holds over 50% of the investments in Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds?


What are they doing so differently to the other 99% of the population?


You are about to find out!


Finally discovering the single most important factor in their unrivalled success, a secret that will:



“Unleash Your True Potential,
Supercharge Your Natural Thought Manifesting Ability And Activate The Wealth Centers
Lying Dormant In Your Brain”


Millionaire Yoga uses advanced conceptualization techniques, sound-energy exercises, and neurological restructuring triggers based on thousands of years of cumulative research to tap into the brains ultimate power center… Re-igniting your ability to achieve what you once thought impossible



“...More than I could have ever imagined”


“My life has transformed in one year more than I could have ever imagined.
Everything in my life from my businesses, my relationships and my
spirituality have evolved and are continuing to evolve at light speed
by working with these techniques”



Saj P.

Internet Enterpreneur, UK



Imagine What Life Would Be Like,
If You Could Live Like The 1%


The beautiful luxury home, the prestigious car, never-ending vacations and the ‘job’ doing something you’re totally passionate about...


It’s an image the majority of the world’s population can only dream...


And for 99% of them, guess what?


That dream never becomes a reality. Why?


There are a number of reasons, but it all comes back to one thing...




You see living your dream life, the life of the 1%, requires money, and in some cases a LOT of it!


Now you may be thinking, “I don’t want flashy cars, luxury homes or constant vacations; I simply want security, stability and the ability to follow my passion”.


The truth is, money represents something different to everyone, but one thing is for sure…




Money = Freedom



Without enough of it you’re forced to work a job you don’t enjoy, live within a restricting budget and save instead of spend... Simply put, you’re forced to live a certain way.


Here Are Some Of The Benefits Being In The 1% Brings:

  • The ability to travel anywhere in the world at your leisure, staying as long as you desire, without EVER worrying about the cost!

  • The reality of building your dream home (perhaps two or three) in your favorite destination(s) – Money isn’t a factor.

  • To live and travel in total luxury no matter where in the world you are – forget worrying about conversion rates and how far your money will go in another country.

  • A secure future for you and your family for generations to come – leave a legacy for your children so they can enjoy life as it’s meant to be.



Yes, It’s True You Can Do Those Things Without Being In The “1%”


The Question is How Do You Raise Your
Income To a Level Where It’s Possible?



First, think about this…


IF, it were possible to unlock the part of us that allows some to rise to such lofty heights, what would you do with that money?


You could transform your life of course and for most, that would the first priority.



But here’s what I REALLY want you to think about: You could, if you wanted to, make a real difference in the world.


You see with money in the right hands, the world would be a drastically different place...


Wouldn’t you agree?


Not only could you live in freedom, you could help others to do the same.


You could help make the world a better place with no end to the amount of support you could give to others...



You could co-create
A World WITHOUT Limits!



Well, now is the time to STOP dreaming and start recognizing that it IS possible to make this a reality.


All you need to do is follow a few time-tested, scientifically corroborated techniques that will trigger an unimaginable chain of events, transforming your life forever!



“Be Warned:

What You Are About To Read Is
Outside The Realm Of Mainstream Thinking"


I invite you to step beyond the “known” boundaries of what is and isn’t possible, and explore a revolutionary new science that has brought wealth, peace of mind, and sheer fulfillment to the “Millionaire Yogis” who have used it.


Based on thousands of years of research and development by Yogic Scientists in their quest to achieve the pinnacle of human evolution, what you are about to discover has in recent years been illuminated and grounded by the precision and visibility of modern science. Keep reading to discover how modern science has advanced to the point where it can now understand Yogic Science as a practical scientific model that can produce tangible results.










“Harness The Power Of Nature To Move Beyond Your Internal Thought Based Limitations That Until Now Have Kept You From That Dream Life”


What if everything in the world was in a state of pure potential, and what we see and experience is really only a matter of how we perceive that potential?


In other words, what if it how we chose to observe our life was directly related to how we experience it?


According to Quantum Physics and Yogic Science, that is exactly what’s happening.


Quantum Physics calls it the “observer theory”, and proved this concept with hundreds of lab studies in what’s now known as the famous “double slit experiment”.


Without boring you with too many details, Quantum Scientists were able to show, while measuring the actions of very subtle “matter”, that reality only takes shape and becomes solid when we consciously observe it, and otherwise exists in a waveform as pure potential.


In other words we have to first perceive something
before it becomes real.







It’s what Yogic Scientists have said all along:


“Your Thoughts
Create Your Reality...”



What this means is your life:  Diseases... Finances... People in it...


Are the way they are because of how YOU think, how YOU perceive them!


You might be thinking (pun intended), ‘If this were true, I’d be a billionaire by now’.


Well, that’s a valid observation.


However we are not simply referring to your conscious thoughts here, although those have a big part to play in the reality in which you live.


The way you think and your interpretation of things is often embedded deep within your psyche and completely out of your control.


*You’ll discover how to remove those subconscious thinking and belief patterns in step 3 of the program.


Now... as for your conscious thoughts:




“70 Year Old Study Reveals The Common Thread That Resulted In Countless Individuals Becoming Multi-Millionaires And Billionaires”



What Quantum physics uncovered with the ‘double split’ experiment in relationship to our conscious thoughts was revolutionary, but this concept goes MUCH deeper…


In 1937 before Quantum Physics existed, author and researcher of the new thought movement Napoleon Hill revealed the “secret” to what made the super-rich so tremendously successful in one of the bestselling books of all time Think And Grow Rich.


Hill spent decades interviewing and studying the world’s wealthiest and most successful men of the time, including multi-millionaires and billionaires like Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Theodore Roosevelt, and many more…




...The Results



After compiling all the data, including first hand admissions from some of the men he interviewed, he discovered that at the core of their success wasn’t an external advantage or influence, but actually an internal one - how they thought.


In other words, they were able to Think and Become Rich.


He also found these people had an extraordinary capacity for unlimited positive conceptualization, with an uncanny ability to bring their outrageous thoughts to life...


We’ll get more into this in just a minute.


So over 20 years before Quantum Physics came up with the observer theory, Napoleon Hill had, through an entirely different route, discovered the exact same thing – thoughts are creating our reality.


The question is then, how is the thought process experienced by these people so different that it allows them to enjoy such success and achieve multi-millionaire or billionaire status?


Well, here’s where it gets good...



“Modern Science Now Recognizes
What Yogic Science Identified As The Part Of The Brain Responsible For Creating A Millionaire’s and Billionaire’s Thought Process”



The Millionaire’s and Billionaire’s thought process is far from normal, and as you have already seen, it’s what makes them so extra-ordinary.



The Millionaire Mindset:


  • Unlimited capacity for positive conceptualization (remember this one?) - they are able to support and believe in any idea no matter how outrageous or far from the “norm”

  • Brimming self-confidence and high self-esteem – they aren’t held back by self-doubt or fear of failure

  • Setting and reaching goals as easily as breathing – Having remarkable power of focus and determination they can follow through on any desire

  • Effortless manifestation of their dreams and visions – without distinguishing conscious thoughts or ideas from reality they are able to easily create using their own subconscious power

  • Operate in a field of unlimited possibilities – An utterly positive mindset allows them to bypass negative conditioning of what is and isn’t possible and operate “outside the box”




What Allows Them To Develop Such an Exceptionally Powerful Mindset?




The part of the brain referred to as the mid brain!


Sometimes called the psychic brain, or the Millionaire’s Brain, the mid brain is the command center for the entire brain and body. It synchronizes the left and right hemisphere when active, and is thought by scientists to be responsible for geniuses like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton’s ability to simultaneously access both hemispheres to harness more brainpower than the average person.

Here’s a more recent case study:


In 2012, Dr. David Ting of GMC International conducted a study of Malaysian school children who were given the opportunity to experience what is called “mid brain activation”...


The results were astounding; with every child seeing a significant increase in:

  • Motivation

  • Self-esteem

  • Communication Skills

  • Comprehension ability

  • Memory and concentration

  • Relationships with parents and teachers



After the first two days the children were EVEN able to
successfully read and ride their bikes blindfolded!








So Here’s What the Yogic Scientists Say...



The mid brain is the power center of the human brain, the crown jewel if you will. It is the bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind, and the seat of the powerful 3rd eye, or what modern scientists call the pineal gland.


Despite being only about the size of a grain of rice, the pineal gland receives the highest blood flow of any organ in the body minus the kidneys. But listen to this…


It actually has rods, cones, cornea, and lens just like an eye; characteristics Yogic scientists identified thousands of years ago, way before surgery and x-rays existed!


In fact they refer to the point between the two eyebrows as the 3rd Eye...


Was it merely coincidence that if you draw an imaginary line from that point straight back into your brain you’d hit the pineal gland!?


How did they know thoughts were responsible for creating our reality when only recently Quantum Physicists conducted the double-split experiment and formulated the observer theory?


Maybe the more important question is not how they knew, but what else do they know?



Meet the Man Behind Millionaire Yoga



Dr. Pillai, a scholar, scientist and Enlightened Master from the prestigious Tamil Siddha tradition, a pure, unbroken lineage of the world’s most Elite Yogic Scientists dating back thousands of years, has specialized in revealing “what else they know” to the general public for over 30 years now.


He has been chosen to be a representative of this once highly secretive tradition so it can reveal the culmination of thousands of years of consciousness research to the public. He passionately believes everyone should have the ability to experience authentic living, or the ability to live in total freedom!


It is for this reason he has put his most powerful money manifesting, brain enhancing, life transforming techniques into Millionaire Yoga, the very essence of his great tradition’s secrets on wealth and abundance.


“Believe It Or Not
You Are Already A Millionaire...
You Simply Need To Know
The Steps To Realize It!”




Just like people used to think the world was flat, and that Earth was the center of the universe, so too did we once think the adult brain was hardwired and unchangeable...


We now know that’s not the case.


In fact, the modern scientific field call neuroplasticity tells us the human brain from birth to death is in a consistent state of change. New neurons are being formed all the time as a result thoughts and actions, creating different emotions, experiences, and states of being...


Your brain changes every second!


Without modern technology, Yogic Scientists were able to find this out through thousands of years of intense self-experimentation and exploration. The fruits of this research resulted in a scientific method, which holds up to modern day scrutiny and testing, to retune the human brain to its natural, most powerful state.








Dr. Pillai enlisted one of the top EEG experts in the world, Jay Gunkelman, to prove this science and demonstrate its precision.


In October 2012, a pilot study was conducted at Brain Science International in San Francisco California using Yogic Sound Frequencies given by Dr. Pillai.


The results indicated that through the use of certain key Yogic Sounds, specific areas of the brain can be stimulated and energized, thereby increasing their power and unlocking their ability to function at the highest level.


Below are some of the actual photos captured during the study showing the different sounds uncannily hitting different parts of the brain.





“...felt everywhere in the brain”


“The impact of these sounds is in fact felt everywhere
in the brain, not just in the primary auditory cortex.
We can see the effect clearly even in this pilot study.”




Jay Gunkelman

Former President of The International Society For Neurofeedback And Research
Co-Founder Brain Science International
QEEG Diplomate

This pilot study, along with all the other research demonstrates that anyone can successfully recalibrate their brain using the right yogic sound waves, which are the key components to activate the Millionaire’s Brain in this exciting and transformational program.


It’s these powerful sounds along with many other advanced techniques that will allow you to activate YOUR millionaire brain...




Millionaire Yoga is a unique, one-of-kind body, mind, and brain-training program, designed and taught by a living Enlightened Master whose teachings are of such a high caliber, I guarantee you won’t find anything similar anywhere else.


Let’s take a look at what you can expect:


  • An A to Z of Powerful Easy To Use Sound Meditations and Advanced Visualization Exercises designed by Yogic Scientists to recalibrate your thought process, significantly enhance overall brain functioning, reprogram genetic influences, and activate the mid brain and 3rd eye.

  • Powerful Energetic Transmissions From An Enlightened Master to supercharge the brain’s various power centers, clear negative subconscious programming, and saturate the mind with wealth consciousness.

  • Insights, Explanations and Profound Wisdom from Dr. Pillai detailing how Millionaire Yoga works from both the Yogic and Contemporary perspectives, giving you the ability to comprehend on multiple levels the full impact of the program.

  • Exclusive Expert Webinars To Facilitate Your Complete Financial Transformation guest speakers include a top Professional Financial Advisor, Medical Doctor, Director of a Million Dollar Company, a professional life coach, and more to give you everything you need to release the millionaire mind inside you, an experience which will lead to total financial transformation.

  • A Comprehensive Guide And Step-by-Step Instructions For Everyday Use. With easy to follow steps, this program is suitable for even the busiest of lifestyles, allowing you the freedom to focus your energy on what’s important.

  • Access To The Millionaire Yoga Community Forum PLUS Full Program Support to answer your questions, compare notes with others, and provide you with all the help you’ll need to succeed.












Take A Closer Look At
The 5 Step Method To Activate
Your Millionaire’s Brain




Step 1:
Activate the Pineal Gland

Modern science tells us that the pineal gland, also known as the 3rd eye, becomes calcified and inactive in the average person as early as 2 years old, with 40% of people by the age of 17. It takes a lot of work to fully activate the pineal gland, but an Enlightened Master can do it very easily. Students in olden days knew this, and would perform austerities for years, decades even, for just one activation.


In this all important first step, Enlightened Master Dr. Pillai will be empowering you with a highly sought after pineal activation. Once active, your natural ability to manifest thoughts will become almost effortless as will your innate ability to access your higher intelligence.




Step 2:
Energize the Brain’s Money Manifestation Centers

Even those considered by our society as “geniuses” are only tapping into less than 20% of the brain’s full potential. As smart as people like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were using less than a quarter of the brains natural power, can you Imagine if you were able to use even half of its capability?


In this next step you’ll discover a technique and practice that will synchronize your brainwaves with the energy of an incredibly potent Yogic Sound Frequency for “unlimited power”. This will create and shape new “unlimited” neurons that will allow you to maximize your brain’s ability to manifest without the usual neural blockages. The Yogic Scientists have revealed this technique as one that can not only energize your brain, but also your physical and non-physical bodies as well.




Step 3:
Cleanse The Negative Cortex
Just as the Millionaire’s Brain is the mid brain, the “poor man’s” brain is the neo cortex, or more specifically the frontal lobe. In the average person this part of the brain is usually over stimulated stripping the energy away from the more powerful mid brain. This part of the brain is responsible for your identity including ALL your negative thought processes, belief systems and severely limits the mind from thinking “outside of the box”, blocking your natural ability to manifest.


Yogic Scientists have discovered a way to vibrationally cleanse it to release old thoughts, ideas, and negative conditioning around money.


Here you’ll be empowered with the practice to not only cleanse and rebalance the neo cortex, but also infuse the entire brain with wealth energy.




Step 4:
Awaken The Emotional Brain
Emotions = manifestation. Without emotions, our thoughts are lifeless and unable to manifest. The temporal lobes are responsible for our emotions and as a result have been called by Dr. Pillai the “emotional brain”. With this part of the brain functioning at a high level, you will be able to channel powerful emotional energy into your goals at will, enabling you to super charge the manifestation process.


To do this, a specific Yogic Sound Frequency will be revealed to you, one that delivers a powerful energy whose vibration will awaken this part of the brain, allowing it to function at its highest level




Step 5:
Program Abundance Consciousness
Similar to miniature movie projectors, your eyes are responsible for “projecting” the reality you see. Until very recently, science believed you saw from the outside in, meaning you see an object and interpret it through to the brain. However, now they are saying what Yogic Scientists have known for centuries, you actually project your individual reality from the inside out.


According to the Yogic Scientists, the two eyes play a key role in how the world manifests around you, whether its poverty, mediocrity, or wealth; a view, which is predetermined and out of your control.
Through self-experimentation they discovered this can be reprogrammed allowing you to see a different reality. In this session Dr. Pillai will initiate you with a special kind of “darshan”, or energetic transmission to erase the memories you carry of poverty and hardship, and program them with a view of total abundance






The Millionaire Yoga Experience


What makes Millionaire Yoga so effective is the simplicity with which it can be applied to your life to produce tangible results no matter what kind of situation you are currently experiencing...


Results made possible by the incredibly potent and refined Yogic Techniques and Sound Frequencies it uses.


Really it’s more than just a program - it’s freedom, freedom to start living the life you’ve only ever dared to dream, a life:


  • Without bills and budgets

  • Free of restrictions and limits

  • Full of every experience you've ever wanted



And the best part is...





Millionaire Yoga is a
Lifetime Investment
That Will Never Lose Its Value.


You’ll never have to worry about finding the “next best thing”.



It’s because it’s based on a science that is ageless, and...


It’s taught by someone who has completely mastered it.


People from all walks of life have paid small fortunes simply to be in Dr. Pillai’s presence, experiencing incredible personal transformations as a result. But don’t worry you won’t need a fortune for this course (although you just may make one).


Dr. Pillai made this program to help the 99% move closer to the 1% and so insisted it remain affordable for all.




How To Use Millionaire Yoga


Each Session Comes With Downloadable Audios
and Transcripts Of The Lectures And Meditations



You can listen to the audio tracks in your car, bus or plane...


While you exercise, wait, or sleep, you can tap into the Millionaire’s Brain.


Watch the videos at your leisure, or simply pop on your headphones and drift away into the audios where you’ll experience deep and profound levels of consciousness you may have never reached.


*Warning – some of the techniques will take you into altered states and is strongly recommended that you do not use while operating any machinery


Follow each session in order, choose one you’d like to focus on, or mix and match to create a custom practice that works for you. This program is designed for you to study at your own, comfortable pace.






“I Am Committed To You..."


“I have helped many people to become millionaires and multi-millionaires, but not all.


Commitment is everything and I want you to commit, and I am
committed to you. I am committed not only to you, to everyone...


Material needs are not that hard to get. It’s only a matter of knowing what has gone wrong. So the program is about empowering the brain through sound frequencies, mantras that I will personally initiate you in during the program, and also identifying the brain parts that are responsible for creating the passion and also the wisdom to be affluent.


I want you to take advantage of this program to become a millionaire and create the Millionaire’s Brain.”




Dr. Baskaran Pillai



Here’s What You Get
When You Order Millionaire Yoga Today



The Program: (Value: $597)

  • 5 All-Inclusive, Fully Downloadable Millionaire Yoga Sessions with over 3 hours of content designed exclusively to activate your Millionaire Brain.

  • Exclusive 24/7 Membership Site Access meaning you can access the entire program whenever and wherever you are!

  • Lifetime Customer Support here to help so you are never on your own.

  • Millionaire Yoga Community access to a growing network of people ALL enjoying the power of the Millionaire Brain, share stories, connect – perhaps even do business.




5 Powerful Webinars To Enhance & Accelerate
Your Millionaire Lifestyle (Value: $347)

  • Medical Basis Of The 3rd Eye With Dr. Vish Iyer – Discover the science behind the 3rd Eye and understand it’s true significance to wealth and success

  • Using The Technology Of Time – Discover how to manage and manipulate time resulting in increased success in life

  • Financial Planning for Future Wealth Professional Financial Advisor Akila Aiyer – Practical advice designed to help you secure a prosperous financial future

  • The Art of Commitment With Professional Pillai Center Life Coach Sucharita Moore – Harness the power of unwavering commitment to follow your dreams and make them a reality.

  • Your Millionaire Makeover delivered by Global Pillai Center Director Mohini Kueper – Learn how to use your appearance to manipulate your millionaire mindset




Don't Decide Now...
Take All the Time You Need and Try
Millionaire Yoga for a Full 30 Days.


If You're Not Satisfied, You Can Get A Full Refund Within 90 Days



Total Cost – $944 $297




Here's What Other People Are Saying...














































Still Have Questions? We Have Answers!



Q: I have no experience in meditation whatsoever, will that affect my results?

A: No previous experience is required. Whether you have experience or not in meditation will not affect your results in this program. The sound frequencies, energetic transmissions, and yogic techniques you will be exposed to work on very subtle levels, and are as equally effective for everyone.

Q: What makes Millionaire Yoga different from any other financial empowerment program?

A: The techniques you will be taught have been developed and tested over thousands of years, and due to their power were kept secret until only very recently. You will not find them anywhere else as they are completely exclusive to Dr. Pillai, the chosen representative to release them. Unlike other programs, these techniques work from the inside out, and don’t require anything more than using them consistently and with commitment.

Q: I am so busy I barely have any free time, will I still get results?

A: Yes. The program is designed to be used on the go, wherever, however! If you have an MP3 player, laptop, or cd burner, you can bring Millionaire anywhere. The meditations and practices are simple, precise, and extremely effective. You’ll only need 10-15 minutes a day to start seeing results. You can even play the audios with benefit when you sleep. If you can use with consistency, even with having limited time, you will get results.




Millionaire Yoga is not your average self-improvement program. There is no doubt that this is an unconventional, out of the ordinary, far from normal way to become a Millionaire and beyond. The truth is, you won't find a program quite like this anywhere else because the secrets Dr. Pillai is revealing were until now only known by a very select few.


If you are looking for a simple, guaranteed way to take your life to the next level, this is it. Not only will you be able to learn the art of conscious creation, but you'll be literally retuning your brain to experience an entirely new reality.


So invest in yourself, invest in your dreams...




Here’s 6 Reasons To Buy
Millionaire Yoga From Pillai Center





Take the Next Step and Commit to
Your Millionaire life...