"I Used The Ah Meditation To Manifest Relatively
Large Sums Of Money In A Short Amount Of Time"


Rahim, Entrepreneur, Canada


"My Money Mindset Changed Overnight!"


"It's crazy to imagine things happening so fast... but that's just what happened. Following the first yes, the first Millionaire Yoga initiation from Dr. Pillai everything changed, my focus, energy and outlook on life, my purpose and my ability to make money shifted! Suddenly everything seemed much clearer, following that initiation I woke like clockwork each morning (without an alarm) at 5.30AM - it was like my mind was telling me...


'Wake up it's time to start making a difference and changing your financial future' - and that's just what happened!


Everyday things became clearer, my previous concerns, worries and almost constant thoughts about money faded as the belief in me grew that I need never worry about money again. Since then I've attracted more and more opportunities to make money and be involved in projects that resonate with me AND have the potential to become very successful! I'd recommend this program to anyone...


Even if you already make enough money - this will take you to another level."


Pete Craig, Online Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

"I used the pineal gland activation to manifest a lover in 3 weeks"


Sandeep, London United Kingdom


"All Negativities Vanished After Using Mantra"


"I would always plug in my headphones and start listening to the mantra and I could actually feel things changing in my life. Everything around me became so quiet, all the negativities all the frustrations regarding relationships, regarding health, all just went into the silent mode...


I started embracing everybody with positivity and with love and openness. I would like to thank Dr. Pillai for his beautiful and incredible teachings. Thank you Dr. Pillai."


Sejuti Mitra,, Graphic Designer, Calcutta, India



"I Was Quite Unpopular. So I Used Dr. Pillai's Quantum Sound For Relationships,
And Within A Few Months I Became The Most Popular Kid In That School."


Sunny Dasgupta, Chennai India


"Power Sound Gave Me An Explosion Inside My Brain Of
Happiness, Joy, And Pure Bliss"


"Thank you Dr. Pillai for your daily feed of teachings, your commitment for the human race, for human evolution. After I watched your video, I used the power sound you gave. I had an explosion inside my brain of happiness, joy, pure bliss. That effect ran through my whole body.


That wasn't the first time I had such an experience, but the first time with a power sound. I combined it with your hint that it's important that the breath has to reach the midbrain. I saw it in my 3rd eye, and I felt it very clearly. Every time I breathe, I can send this breath, this life-force to the brain, to a place in the core of the brain, and I can feel it and its indescribable with words. Wow! My whole perceptions shifted again, a step higher. Thank you Dr. Pillai from my heart."


Martin Lehmann, Health Professional, Germany

"They're Very Subtle, They're Very Easy To Do, And They Have Profound Effects.
I Encourage Everyone To Do These Practices. They Will Change You From The Inside Out And The Results Are Immediate."


Michael Mulloy, USA, Lorelei Bearss, Canada


"Using Dr. Pillai's Techniques I Have Found Happiness!"


"My spiritual journey started 2 years back when we was going through a rough patch due to bad health and job situation, so I started searching YouTube for different meditation techniques. I clicked on one of Dr. Pillai's videos where he was talking about left and right nostril breathing, and I found it very powerful.


Since then I was basically doing all day every day trying out his mantras and techniques. After a few months I feel that life around me is better in terms of people I come across, or the way I perceive things. I feel happy! I really want people to try out his teachings, his mantras, and see how life changes for the better."


Nishi Gupta, Computer Science Professional, USA

"What Was Most Exciting Was To Know That These Sounds, These Certain Sounds For Specific Issues Literally Change People's Brains - Changed Mine, Changed The People I Work With, I See It Around Him With All Of The Students All Of The Time."


Dr. Guldal Caba Ph.D., NMD, NAC, Psychologist/Naturopath, New York USA


"Prosperity Sound From Dr. Pillai Worked In 2 Weeks"


"I got 7 new clients in within two weeks of using a prosperity sound given by Dr. Pillai, and was able to meet 3 of my 4 goals intended. Might not sound impressive, but I'm pretty excited."


Rev. Mary-Rose "Janani" Engle, Interfaith Minister, New York City USA







"If you use the sounds they can get you through anything. And they can help you achieve that what you cannot achieve yourself. This is certainly true in my life."


Sunny Dasgupta, Chennai India


"A $15,000 Check Came In Just in Time!"


"I was at an event with Dr. Pillai. Finances were slim and dwindling. I really wanted to go to India for his Birthday Trip and didn't have the $ means. I waited in line to speak with him personally and ask for his 'Blessings' to go to India. He said 'Yes' I would be able to go and I was extremely happy, but didn't know how this would work out as there are a lot of expenses that go with a trip to India, passports, visas, tickets, fees, etc.


He said I would be able to go, so that stayed firmly in my mind. Every little bit of income that came my way I used for one of the expenses. It was just a week away from departure time and I was getting nervous. How would this all work out? Then on Jan. 30th a check for $15,000 came in, just in time to scramble and get to India for the most transformational trip of my life. It was awesome, and I'd do it again in a minute."


J.A., San Diego Califronia, USA.

"I did what I had to do to participate in [Millionaire Yoga] and I will never regret it. I am creating and manifesting things every time faster and faster, not only money, but relationships have been a complete difference for me."


Lucía Briseño Haro, M.A., Mexico


"Miracles Mysteriously Showed Up"


"During Dr. Pillai's meditation, I experienced episodes of unexplainable knowing everything would be alright with a renewed deepened sense of a stronger connection to higher states of consciousness previously only experienced briefly during deepened states of meditation. My faith was restored and I found miracles mysteriously showing up in all aspects of my life which medical, financial and legal experts referred to as remarkable beyond words."


Michael Michaud, Management Counseling, California USA




"The Sounds Given By Dr. Pillai Have Transformed My Life"


"I have been practicing some of Dr.Pillai's midbrain activation techniques for some time now. I notice when I use these sounds, all my attention goes to the center of my head as if that's all that exits. My thoughts just stop, my breathing comes almost to a stop, and I feel a profound sense of peace and clarity.


The more that I use these sounds, the more I notice myself as just as an observer of the world around me.


Some results I have noticed so far is heightened intuition, increase in my intelligence and creativity, more sensitivity to the environment and people around me, and I have witnessed some of my manifestations come to life. I can't thank Dr. Pillai enough for everything he has given me."


Ryan Irving, Writer, Chicago Illinois, USA


"My 3rd Eye Lit Up Like A Wildfire!"


"I just finished my first ever session using Dr. Pillai's guided meditation and I must admit, I feel incredible. My 3rd eye lit up like a wildfire! I am quite excited to continue doing this on a daily basis as I can already tell it will be a very profound experience."


Leaumas Nosdivad, Washington USA






"I Witnessed Dr. Pillai Turn Into Light Right Before My Eyes"


I was at Dr. Pillai's private center in India and he was giving a discourse to a small group of us about nostril breathing, the light body and his true form. I was observing my breathe and keeping my mind quiet. He was speaking about the many nadi revelations that have been told about him as an Avatar and whether or not his personal experiences confirmed what was told about him.


He at one point paused then said "I am Adi Shiva" (I cannot remember the exact words but something quite similar to this). The moment he said this though, his entire body and face disappeared into Light. It was almost as if some "inter-dimensional" shift happened and the Light that came from his body filled the whole room. He remained in full Light for about 10 seconds until my logical mind kicked in and thought "oh wow".


I understand most people could explain this away with logic. But I saw Dr. Pillai turn into Divine Light and it felt very natural, not at all strange.


Jyothi, AstroVed Managing Director, USA


"Mantra Removes Addiction"


"I was really struggling with a gambling addiction. And while writing the word "kleem" over and over again a solution came to me with ease. I suddenly don't have the urges."


Jofer Jarelli, USA







"My Family Income Saw an Increase..."


"During the program my family income saw an increase, and I was able to make a down payment on a second property. I really enjoyed the meditations. Some of my experiences when I used them included a tingling sensation all over my body, a mind opening awareness, and a realization that negativity is to be blamed on the brain.”



Ryan Hall, City Planner, USA





"During the meditations, I literally felt like I was going to elevate"


I hope that you have a chance to watch Dr. Pillai’s live cast of Millionaire Yoga. It was so exciting to be there and be present in the studio. It was incredibly powerful, the energy was rocking.

For myself, personally, during the meditations, I literally felt like I was going to elevate above the set. In fact, several times I had to actually check that I was on my chair. And I talked to a man who was up in the balcony during the show, and he said that he had to hang onto the railings in order to make sure that he was still there.

And I talked to so many people in the studio audience and they said that truly, this was the most powerful experience that they have ever had with Dr. Pillai’s teachings.



Elaine Kueper, Global Director Of Tripura Foundation, Singapore


"My business has grown exponentially"


As an entrepreneur I often felt at the mercy of highly unpredictable financial conditions and that my life was precarious.

The program gave me the tools to change that and, consequently, my business has grown exponentially, and is still growing.



Monique Walsh, Ireland



"At the end of two weeks I was clearly feel transformed"


The logic and reasoning of how it works and why it works could be anything, any website would give plenty of explanations including that of a placebo effect, but personally I feel that these mantras remove the negativity from your mind, all kind of shackles that you put onto your mind which is very self-limiting.

Just do it, at the end of it you are still the same person but the way you perceive things changes drastically. At the end of two weeks I was clearly transformed.



Saumya Pramukh, India


"I Manifested 10 New Projects And Multiple New Business Contacts Within A Month"


I used one of the wealth mantras given by Dr. Pillai to manifest more work as a freelance graphic designer.

Within 15 days I got a new a new client. Soon after I got yet another client who gave me 4 more projects and connected me with even more clients by suggesting my name.

All in all, I manifested 10 new projects and multiple new business contacts in just one month's time. The mantra has worked very well for me!



Sneha Kulkarni, Graphic Designer, India



"Sounds Are The Building Blocks Of All Creations."


Working with the secret sound frequencies given to me by Dr. Pillai my life has transformed in one year more than I could have ever imagined.


Everything in my life from my businesses, my relationships and my spirituality have evolved and are continuing to evolve at light speed by working with these sounds.


I am amazed at how powerful this technology is. I now fully understand that sounds are the building blocks of all creations.



Saj P, Internet Enterpreneur, UK


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